Director of Production Services

Maren Gibbs

Maren Gibbs

Title: Director of Production Services
Nickname: Mer-Bear
Senior Quote: If I’m getting dessert, I’m getting bread pudding.

Maren is a seasoned advertising pro who began her career as a project manager at TracyLocke, where she soon moved into art production management. She then had a career shift and went into the non-profit sector and worked at Camp Fire First Texas, where she did special events and fundraising. During her career in advertising, Maren has worked with some incredible brands like Pepsi Bottling Group, Harrah’s Casinos, Pizza Hut, Hasbro, The Fort Worth Zoo, JPS, TTI, Mouser, Frito-Lay, and Quaker, among others. Maren enjoys being creative without having to be the creative, and getting to work with a team of passionate, imaginative people to make a project come to life.

When Maren isn’t connecting the dots at work, she enjoys life as a girl mom for three girls of all different ages. She likes going to live music shows, traveling, and volunteering with local organizations and her church. Maren enjoys life and loves watching her husband Charlie cook dinner, after which she assumes the role of a professional dishwasher.

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